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Already almost 48h that we are in the cruising ATTACK of Madrid, we did not rest but we manage to leave this magic place! Bogosses arrive from everywhere and fuck non stop in the whole cruising. Our favorite place, the BDSM GLORY HOLES eapce downstairs, and there, we met the sexy DANGEL who was already taken in hand by Douglas SMITH ! Lets go, we just have to film his two bogosses fucking

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We are back at the fetish ATTACK BAR and KALIL has for the first time accepted to give his ass to a young dominating punk of 22 years. Good ass filling in fetish clothes as we like

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We are in the fetish bar ATTACK in MADRID where the slut of ALEXI ATLANTE is waiting, her big muscular ass at disposal, ready to be fucked by all the guys who pass by. Martin MAZZA is going to start to widen her pussy quietly before impregnating her well

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We are back at the fetish bar ATTACK of Madrid where we have an appointment with the young latino LUIS of 20 ands, and it is the big cock of the macho ALTON RED who is going to fuck his little ass of beardless pussy, the whole in fetish outfit, a real kiff to watch them

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We welcome again a young guy, a new one at Crunchboy with the young latino KEMBOY 22 years old, who launches himself in porn and considering the charm of this guy, we think he's going to be a big hit. First scene for him, at the fetish Attack bar of Madrid where the young passive takes the big cock ( and the juice ) of the sexy John BRACHELLI.... mmmmm really a great ass this young Brazilian not?

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And here we are back at the extraordinary cruising Opein Mind de Barcelona where guys are fucking everywhere. On the floor where we loved to film our sexy latino passive Favio FADOR who was getting his pussy fucked by the sexy daddy Javi HARD... Really fun to watch these two guys

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