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FENIX ART fucked by a straight redneck at Querell Cruising

This time we're not in MADRID but at the QUERELL cruising in Torremolinos, a sex place where straight guys from the area come to scred and empty their balls into guys' mouths! This time, last night in fact, FENIX ART got up just a beautiful bearded redhead very hot who wanted a good slut to give him all his good juice

Alexis ATLANTE's fat ass fucked and packed by Viktor ROM

We are in Madrid in the apartment of Alexis ATLANTE and he proposed to Rafa MARCO to get fucked, then fucked and tased by the big cock of the pornstar Vikor ROM. The slut is going to get his ass fucked in all positions and is going to get a lot of juice in her ass

Pornstar Manuel SCACO fucked by a straight redneck at Querell Cruising

We left Madrid a few days because the cruising QUERELL of TorreMolinos invited us to visit the place. Accompanied by the pornstar Manuel SCALCO, we discover a serious cruising with glory holes and sling ! There was also this rebeu, a little lost but who did not stop groping his cock while checking us out. Manual SCALCO then tried an approach and as you'll see on the video he did pretty well ! !

Javier SMITH stoned by Alton RED... But...

Back to the fetish Cruising ATTACK MADRID with our passive JAVIER SMITH who is back for his second video and it's too hard. The active one will be the beautiful hairy ALTON RED, with his big cock and a cockring to make his balls grow. The two guys will love to eat each other's ass and big surprise when the passive one turns the active one over and actually fucks his ass ! !

The latino pussycat JOAQUIM SANTANA well stoned by One CAMILLO

It's always so hot at the Madrid Attack where this time, RAFA MARCO has gathered the pussycat JOAQUIM SANTANA who offers his holes to our sexy badboy ONE CAMILLO. Always cap on the head, the guy of city is going to give his good big cock to the pussycat and is going to fill his little slutty ass well


And no, we are not in Madrid but in the QUERELL, a cruising of Torremolinos ! This place is magical and always full of hot guys ! Yesterday evening we found our bearded submissive with the face of angel, Max FENEZ and it is the pornstar Manuel SCACO who is going to start to benefit from it ! And it's a pure delight to watch them and jerk off

Alton RED well beaten by Felipe TELEAS

And here are two more hot guys that RAFA invited to Cruising ATTACK Madrid... The beautiful Alton red, very hot, whose little ass will have to take the huge cock of Felipe TELEAS.... The two males are going to enjoy each other right away and they propose us a good bareback fuck with good cock feeding in the back of the throat, good ass eating and a good ass fucking by a dominating guy... Just to empty the balls between guys.


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The bitch ALEXI ATLANTE fucked and turned by 3 TBM actives

You're sure to love this video, we're still at the cruising ATTACK in MADRID and the appointment is taken in the cellar of the bar, at the Glory Holes area. ALEXI ATLANTE's good bitch is waiting for the open mouth to suck glory hole cocks... Three well-built guys come in to get their dick sucked before filling up the bitch's big muscle. Fucking all that juice up his ass

Mario BENEDETT fucked no condom by Bony BABYRON

We are still and always (because we love it) at the Naked Bar in Madrid where we surprised the sexy Mario Benedett who was watching a guy but didn't dare to go and join him! Obliged it is necessary to intervene... Mario agrees to approach the bog boss and he sees a big packet through his jogging... In fact the sexy boy was just waiting for that, and lets go, Mario will love to suck his big dick and will quickly turn around to get fucked up on his condom!

Ruben MARTINEZ fucked by Douglas SMTIH

We are still at the NAKED BAR in MADRID where this time we will meet the young DOUGLAS SMITH and the sexy Ruben MARTINEZ... Do you like it when a young kid fucks a manly hairy muscular guy ? we do... The young active guy with his big dick will fuck the muscleman without a condom and his hairy ass will get a good dose of juice... Really hot, a wank sure lol